Life Science
& Innovation

· Based on Triple Helix fundamentals

· Capable of providing all kind of uses and services

· The PLACE where everything happens and the place to learn, work and live.


Proximity to top universities and research institutions

Provides access to top talent, research facilities and opportunities for partnerships.

Concentration of market-leading tech companies

Concentration of market leaders breeds competition and innovation.

Concentration of industry adjacent to tech sector

Captive audience offers opportunity for commercial relationships and partnerships.

Presence of specialized skilled labour market

Deep pool of specialized skilled labor is a key factor in growth potential.

Formation of formal and informal network within cluster

Innovation starts with idea generation and formal and informal networks play a key role

Access to capital, particularly early-stage funding

Access to funding facilities for research and initial upfront costs which can be very high.

Rule of law and well-defined intellectual property rules

Protection of intellectual property is a critical incentive driving innovation.

High amenity value of living and working environment

Quality of housing stock and leisure facilities are key in attracting and retaining labour