1.950sqm of brand new facilities in MASID, the first science and innovation ecosystem in Madrid.

LABioincubadora offers private, taylor-made and ready to go laboratories with the infrastructures, facilities and common equipment necessary to research and success.
Count as well on MASID Community to make your ideas become part of the innovation universe.

Eukaryotic Cell Culture Facility with double door lock space to maintain maximum cleanliness and sterility. Equipped with:

  • Class II biological safety laminar flow cabinets.
  • Incubators for growth and maintenance of cell lines.
  • Inverted microscope, thermosthatic bath and 4ºC refrigerators for reagents.

Separate Prokaryotic Cell Culture Facility with its own ventilation to avoid external and internal airflow and prevent cross-contamination. It will have a vestibule with double doors. The room is equipped with:

  • Class II biological safety laminar flow cabinets.
  • Oven / Incubators.
  • Biological waste management and 4ºC refrigerators for reagents.
Biochemistry and molecular biology room, where all the required activities and experiments can be carried out independently of the activities of each company.
  • Basic laboratory equipment with different analytical balances, weighing ranges, wide range of laboratory centrifuges, including ultracentrifuges.
  • Complete equipment for protein and DNA electrophoresis.
  • Thermocyclers.

Washing and sterilisation room with laboratory dishwashers, autoclaves and ovens. Distilled water and miliQ water dispenser.

Cryo-preservation and refrigeration room with liquid nitrogen tank for preservation of samples, cold chamber for storage of reagents and materials; and freezers, ultracolders and ice machine

  • Darkroom, for light-sensitive activities such as the development of autoradiographic plates or fluoresence microscopy experiments.
  • Incubator room.
  • Sata IT to house servers.
  • Warehouse for materials.
  • Laboratory waste storage room.
  • Work, rest and relaxation rooms: Thinking Station, Coffee&Lunch Station.
  • Modular meeting room.

Instalaciones y servicios

  1. Independent air conditioning for each company and according to their needs, air circulation and lighting.
  2. Supply and management of technical gases.
  3. Anti-slip flooring, conductors or dissipators to help avoid static discharges.
  4. Forklift.
  5. Gas safety control.
  6. Individualised control of electricity and water consumption, etc.
  7. Voice and data network.
  8. Male and female changing rooms with lockers.
  9. Advice on the implementation of the private laboratory.
  10. Access control and 24h security.
  11. Waste management.
  12. Flow cytometry Facility (on demand, supported by qualified scientific staff and associated with scientific advice and training programmes).